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Event: reminiscence India Festival 2009

Event: reminiscence India Festival 2009
Festival Date: 19th September, 2009
Festival Time: 10 A.M to 10 P.M
Location: Veterans Memorial Hall, Downtown Columbus, Ohio

The 11th Annual India Festival knocking at the festival door in river. Organized every year by means of the Federation of Indian Associations of central Ohio, the highlight the culture and commercial traverse of India, unbroken together. With each passing years, Festival India is receiving attendance from corporate professionals, students, local performers and tourist visiting Central Ohio from all across the world

The local Indian community residing magnetism Ohio and enhancing the growth of place, begin all possible way to project earlier than the world, the exponential growth of India. Each new year awaits for the festival and till date it has become isolated of the premier event in the United State of America. The internationally acclaimed festival features the subsequent programmes, including:

Musical and Cultural performance putting into limelight the local aptitude like folk further bop dances and songs, movie etc

Fashion issue and

India fiesta Talent Hut Competition

Commercial vendor booth will be set up in the festival areas, which will display fine clothes, artifacts, jewelery, audio further video cassettes. The products are away to promote Indian culture and sell exquisitely fascinating goods to Americans and South Asians. Cultural Organizations registered with FIA, Ohio will also exhibit social clothes and accessories, which are only meant since feasting spectators eyes and not for purchase.

Notable Festival Information:

Parking is accessible at Veteran€™s Memorial. Vendors are facilitated veil unchain parking tide and tickets during the instance of set up.

The choice of booth location follows first- come -matchless basis. Therefore, its worthy to augment certificate prior to the day of the festival.

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