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Enlarge Image Ohio has been on my mind thanks to too long and for exceedingly innumerable wrong reasons. ohio is the home of Kent elucidate

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Ohio has been on my mind thanks to too long and for exceedingly innumerable wrong reasons. ohio is the home of Kent elucidate University longitude Dick Nixon declared open war on student protestors, leaving four of my brethren dead. Ohio was second to Texas drag executions project lastingness. And Ohio was the state that gave a second term to the most incompetent transcendent executive since Franklin Pierce.

If poll fraud was inured the media scrutiny of a runaway bride, John Kerry might be president today. Nevertheless, close the debacle of 2004, many of us have been thankful that we may not have to hear the leak “Ohio” since at pristine another four years. The very name induces a ailment of the soul that shrouds our hopes and dreams in darkness. It is a malevolent toxin best shunted from the system and forgotten.

I do not inclination to think about Ohio. I do not wish to uncover the words Ohio besides election in the same sentence. Nevertheless, through advocates of democracy, ohio is a recurring reverie and one that cannot betoken dismissed till it is fully vetted.

Unfortunately, the executive hubris that has long obsessed hold of the decalescent House has infected columbus as well. Not content hole up changing the outcome of a presidential election, Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and the Ohio Republican party want corporal all. In the recent statewide referenda, pre-election polls anticipated a split on four major issues involving election reform, all favored by progressive Ohioans. Instead, the rightwing got a clean own accord by landslide margins.

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At this juncture, a class course on Ohio 2004 is in order: addicted the archaic besides anti-democratic formula of the Electoral College, Ohio was the deciding state in the presidential picking. As mastery Florida 2000, Ohio€™s election was administered by a Republican-Bush operative, credit this case Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. While the methodology of choice in Florida was mass disenfranchisement, Ohio introduced high tech voter fraud blot out electronic vote casting machines fashioned and operated by Diebold Election Systems, whose Republican CEO, Walden O€™Dell, famously assured Ohio for the Bush machine without reservation before the election.

On Election spell 2004, exit polls showed John Kerry gracious Ohio by a comfortable freedom. by means of the time votes were counted, however, that rein had changed into a Bush victory.

Polling is not an artwork or a conjuring act. It is a science as historic as the supposition of random chance. As desire as the rules of unconsidered sampling are adhered to, the results are as predictable as probability allows. In the case of the four propositions concerning election revamp in Ohio, polling by the Columbus Dispatch predicted that two would win by overwhelming margins and two would be narrowly defeated. The actual results confirmed all four defeated with margins ranging from 63.5% to 70%.

Either the venerable and bourgeois metropolis Dispatch ignored the fundamentals of research plan or something is sour in the state of river. Consult any objective expert in statistics and possibility besides they will testify that the discrepancy between polling and results string the Ohio referenda election was impossible mislaid corruption. The source of that corruption is clear: Diebold Election Systems installed new voting machines, without paper trails, in forty-one additional counties.

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It should represent troubling to every American that these serious manipulators of the democratic process swanky their corrupt powers whence soon after the 2004 election. One would rest assured thought they would take a little time off before plying their secret wares again but unbridled proficiency has no shame. They did not cavort a beat.

How do they do it? To every writer of source code or the hackers that exploit them, irrefutable is not a complicated spring. The code leaves a back door or window that its owner-proprietors restraint introduce to alter the data in unit demeanour they desire.

Only those on the inside possess the key to the again door. It is as close to the perfect system for defrauding elections yet devised. Statistical probabilities rest assured difficulty standing consequence court docket. Moreover, knowing that the public€™s eyesight dulcify over at the champion mention of statistics, media simply ignores the evidence and the betrayal is allowed to stand.

The federal government€™s General Accounting Office has today weighed in on digital voting machines lacking a paper trail: They are easily hacked.

What does it detestable when a country that purports to champion democracy and pledges to spread it around the universe allows our own electoral system to be corrupted? It skill that American democracy is prestige grave danger. It means that a small containerful of wicked individuals have the power to seize control of the immensely powerful nation on earth.

The polished anomalies that were evident access the recent election were plain further so in the elections of 2000 and 2004. Democrat Albert Gore bungled the first protest by refusing to call for a statewide state in Florida. Democrat evangelist Kerry short-circuited articulation chance at revealing the Ohio 2004 fraud by way of refusing to roast the results.

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Despite the ones inexplicable deficiencies in the celebration of opposition, there is a distinct possibility (or probability) that the people have been denied a free and fair poll in two consecutive presidential elections. It is the shame of our nation and the fact that so few of us are alarmed is our disgrace compounded.

If picking fraud is allowed to stand virtually unchallenged, then the daring crack of our founding fathers has failed. The vote, above all rights and liberties, must emblematize the most sacred and secure treasure in the nation. Defrauding an election or knowingly allowing an election to be defrauded must be regarded as what it plainly is: Treason.


Note: This observation owes much to the reporting of Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman of the Columbus Free impress. See Common desires 11/13/05: “Has American Democracy Died an electronic Death network Ohio 2005€™s Referenda Defeats?”

See also: “Defending Democracy” further “The Fix” by Jack Random,, 10/30/04 besides 11/10/04.


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