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by Patricia Collier also ANC Staff

by Patricia Collier also ANC Staff

A 425-pound Bengal-Siberian tiger named €˜Ming€™ who was sedated and removed from a Harlem, NY apartment on october 4 is now being cared for at Noah€™s Lost Ark Animal oasis in Berlin Center, Ohio.

Sanctuary staff are uncompromising to retain custody of Ming, despite vocal competition from chums of the tiger€™s previous owner, Antoine Yates.

Yates reportedly called police october 3 and told them he had been bitten by a pit extensive. He met authorities in the lobby of his apartment constructing also then went to an area hospital to be treated for the bite wounds.

When medical staff spoke of the bites could no longer have crop up from a dog, Yates apart the sanatorium of his concede accord.

Authorities didn€™t find out that Yates was harboring savage animals until three days later, after court cases and tips from nearby residents.

Yates was arrested last sat at the school of Pennsylvania medical Center in Philadelphia, where he was recovering from chunk wounds inflicted by the big cat.

During the broadly publicized capture, officers also removed a 5-foot alligator named Al, a second tiger, some cubs, two Rottweilers, rabbits and a tarantula from Yates€™ apartment.

The alligator was relocated to a sanctuary in Indiana. The whereabouts of the other animals is not popular at this time.

Authorities said Yates had been keeping integral the animals in his fifth-floor apartment in the Harlem housing project where he lived.

After his arrest, Yates told officers the tiger had grabbed him and “tore open my whole leg down to the bone.”

When requested why he had raised the wild animals in his apartment, he stated he had been “trying to create a Garden of Eden, something that this world lacks.”

According to a WCCO-TV balance on Tuesday, Yates claimed he in the beginning received Ming as a 6-week-old cub, from Kenneth and metropolis Kraft, householders of the BEARCAT Hollow animal lawns in southern Minnesota. When contacted, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said they are currently investigating the Krafts in connection with questionable unlawful metier and transport of federally blanketed species.

WCCO-TV also reported that the Krafts were recently indicted in Minneapolis in that allegedly making an illegal purchase of an alternative tiger, named “Como,” who was fated destroyed after biting a small girl. New York police said Yates has waived extradition, which will shake hands the state to charge him with a felony count number of nervy endangerment.

They said officers are still searching for a lion who had also been kept by means of Yates in his residence. Yates apparently told police the lion was dead, however interviews with his family have diode police detectives to suspect the lion is civil alive besides is being kept somewhere in Brooklyn.

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