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Canton Aluminum is now celebrating its 59th year of agility

Canton Aluminum is now celebrating its 59th year of agility in 2011. Throughout the past 59 years, canton Aluminum€™s familiar substance has become a staple in the Stark County community.

In the business€™ early years, founder M.L. Knell had a action to sell aluminum choler doors, aluminum awnings, and patio covers. Eventually, Canton metal grew hobby a full-service, exterior home improvement company serving many Northeast Ohio communities.

Current owners are brothers Jerry and Marty Ortman, who are Knell€™s nephews. Despite many changes imprint the Northeast Ohio community and economy over the last 59 years, Canton aluminum has continued to thrive.

According to Jerry Ortman, a commitment to maintaining a strong reputation for famous products and features is essential.

€œQuality and integrity are rarely capital to us, and we have helped generations of families correct their homes,€ Jerry said. €œThis, in turn, has really helped us build our business.€

Marty Ortman believes the fancy to evolve as local trends and possibilities evolve is important to staying in racket through 59 years. Even with these changes, Jerry and Marty€™s way to their customers remains the same.

€œWhen we meet eclipse owners interested in doing an improvement, we try to match customer needs with a solution that leave fit their home, style, and budget,€ observed Marty. €œThe exceptionally important thing to us is stunning good care of our clients and households in Stark County, since they have enticed concern of us being 59 years.€

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